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Project Diversity

Pictured is a small sample of the variety of projects that we sell, install, and service. What do they all have in common? We provide the same personal service, the same certified, skilled technicians, and the same attention to detail for all of our customers — from the largest high-rise office building to a small, residential chair lift.

Maintenance & Service

vulcanBagby Elevator Company knows that elevator function is highly dependent on prompt and reliable service. For that reason we were one of the first service companies in the industry to utilize radios and cellular phones in technicians’ vehicles, ensuring quick response.

Equipment efficiency is paramount to your organization, and mechanical downtime can be catastrophic. Our network of trained technicians and support personnel provide you with rapid response time, which is crucial to you. Bagby Elevator’s licensed technicians are available around the clock.

Every Bagby technician undergoes an intense four-year apprenticeship program prior to certification. Our technicians continually undergo training in order to get the latest information in elevator service technology. Bagby Elevator expects its service technicians to be capable of working on all manner of elevator equipment rather than simply ones installed by Bagby Elevator. The concept of “foreign equipment” is not in our vocabulary.

Our service contracts are designed to meet your needs. Whether you need monthly, weekly, or daily service (some of our larger customers have a technician assigned to them full-time, on-site), preventive maintenance or emergency repair, we will customize a service program for you. Our service program helps increase the life of your elevator system, lowers operating costs, and reduces potential risks.

A fully stocked parts warehouse is one more way that we offer the best service in the industry — chances are the part you need is already on the shelf. Efficiency and accuracy are all a part of the Bagby commitment to provide outstanding service — saving you time and money.



Bagby Elevator's approach to elevator modernization is to provide you with an elevator system that you are pleased with, not only upon completion but for many years down the road. Part of this approach involves using high quality equipment and manufacturers. We have found that attracting and keeping high-quality field and management personnel is critical to ensuring a quality modernization. Finally, Bagby Elevator utilizes non-proprietary equipment which has benefits to all parties.

The benefits of going with a non-proprietary system are as follows:

  1. Resources are spent on creating a high functioning system rather than in limiting competition.
  2. Built-in diagnostics with no need for proprietary tools for adjustment or maintenance.
  3. Freedom of choice so that you are not "locked in" to one service provider.



Bagby’s installations are performed with high efficiency. We work cooperatively with your construction team in order to meet the project’s time constraints. It is our philosophy that we can provide an installation that you will be happy with for many years, not simply upon seeing the price. For that reason, we are selective as to the manufacturers we utilize.

At the same time, we are appreciative of the fact that price is a vital component in providing value. By attracting and keeping high quality technicians, sales and managerial staff, we are capable of providing a high quality installation at a reasonable price.



Residential Installation & Service

elevette-200-largeResidential amenities such as home elevators and dumbwaiters are yet another element of Bagby Elevator's diverse areas of expertise. Bagby maintains an extensive inventory for our residential line of vertical transportation options. We can provide installations ranging from platform lifts to handicapped mobility units. We represent nationally recognized manufacturers such as: Inclinator Company of America, Concord, Access, and many others.

These manufacturers are part of the Bagby commitment to service, providing you with superior selection and convenience. Bagby offers pre-installation customization services to ensure maximum customer satisfaction and construction efficiency.

Moreover, the technicians that perform your residential installation have the same rigorous training as those servicing and installing for our commercial and industrial customers.


Custom Manufacturing & Fabrication

JJett 171xxBagby Elevator has always been driven to meet any vertical transportation needs of our customers. It is for that reason that we maintain custom elevator manufacturing and fabrication capabilities. Your company may need a new gate for your industrial freight elevator. Or you may need to have a shipboard elevator for your new shipboard application. Bagby Elevator will be able to meet your need in a timely fashion at a very competitive price.

Bagby Elevator's customization of jobs provides us with a competitive advantage with unique jobs or ones on which there is a difficult time table. That is why we are often called upon to perform elevator work throughout the United States, the Gulf of Mexico and in locations as far away from our home as Singapore.