Bagby® Elevator Company, Inc.

3608 Messer Airport Highway

PO BOX 320919

Birmingham, Alabama 35232

Phone: 1-800-228-7544

Fax: (205) 591-4250

Safety & Ethics

Bagby Elevator takes safety and ethics extremely seriously. A great deal of our resources are devoted to quality control and ensuring that we have the safest and best practices in the industry. We understand that safe and reliable transportation is the foundation of our industry. Our first priority is emphasizing the safety of our passengers and employees.

Bagby Elevator's emphasis on safety is consistent with our philosophy of running an ethical company. In sum, it is our position that the business should not only obey the Golden Rule but thrive from its practice. If you feel there is ever an issue with the conduct of our business, the practices we allow, or ways for us to improve, do not hesitate to to contact us at 1-800-228-7544.

Safety First