Bagby® Elevator Company, Inc.

3608 Messer Airport Highway

PO BOX 320919

Birmingham, Alabama 35232

Phone: 1-800-228-7544

Fax: (205) 591-4250

About Bagby


Bagby's highly skilled personnel offer superior craftsmanship of customized vertical transportation products to schools, churches, hospitals, research facilities, paper mills, chemical plants, and office buildings, as well as to homes, hotels, condominiums, and casino boats.

One of the rocks upon which Bagby is built is our personal service. We do not send you through layers of people and departments on a service request. You will talk directly to the dispatcher who places your request while you wait. All of our project and sales personnel are eager to work with you, one-on-one, to determine your needs and exceed your expectations.

What do you get when you purchase services from Bagby Elevator? You buy into over nine decades of experience in the elevator business. You buy into a company that has blended the best of the "old-fashioned" ideas and philosophies regarding service and manufacturing with the newest computer aided design and installation techniques. Most of all, you buy into a company where the people are dedicated to serving you.

bagby_electric_old_2Bagby was founded on the principle that the only customer we have is you. Our first question is not "What do we have for you?" but "What can we do for you?" If we don't have it, we'll find it. If we can't find it, we'll build it.

It is this attitude that sets Bagby apart. Whether sales, design, or service, we gear our operations to your needs. At Bagby Elevator, we're big enough to handle any of your requests — and we're small enough to care about them.